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California man faces DUI charge after arrest on one-way street

Facing drunk driving charges is California can have far-reaching effects on the lives of alleged drunk drivers. They may find that the public has no sympathy and regard such a person as guilty without granting the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law. However, accused drivers may want to do everything in their power to avoid being convicted of a DUI charge, as the consequences could be detrimental.

Deputies in Mono County recently traveled to the area of Crowley Lake to locate a suspected drunk driver on whom they wanted to serve a warrant for felony arrest related to various felony DUI arrests. They apparently failed to locate him there and learned that the man had been seen driving in the vicinity. During their search for the man, a 911 call came in, reporting a vehicle weaving on Highway 395.

Deputies located the reported driver going the wrong way on a one-way street, and pulled the driver over for suspected drunk driving. The driver was identified as the man they wanted to serve the warrants on, and he was arrested. He was detained on bail of $250,000. It was thought that the man was planning to flee the area.

When a California driver faces a DUI charge, the accused driver is innocent until and unless actually proven guilty in a court of law. Drivers who find themselves in such circumstances have the right to challenge the evidence offered by the government in support of the allegations. Optimizing the available help may ensure the protection of the accused’s rights as they work together to minimize the impact of the charge.

Source: ktvn.com, "Mono County, California Deputies Arrest Man on DUI Charge", , May 10, 2014

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