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California driver arrested on DUI suspicion may face DUI charge

California motorists are likely aware of the increased dangers on the roads during holiday weekends. One accident that occurred over Memorial Day weekend was allegedly caused by a suspected drunk driver who was involved in an accident at a local intersection in Napa Valley. He was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and could face a formal DUI charge.

A 37-year-old driver from Richmond was arrested and detained in the Napa County jail after an accident that he allegedly caused at an intersection on the Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend. The California Highway Patrol reported that the man was traveling north on Highway 29 when he turned left without yielding to approaching traffic. He collided with the vehicle of a 55-year-old southbound motorist.

The driver whose vehicle was struck was taken to a nearby hospital with undisclosed injuries, and the driver who was suspected of being impaired was arrested. It was not reported if any field sobriety testing or a breath test was administered at the accident scene. Moreover, it was not disclosed if blood testing was arranged. Nevertheless, this man will typically be judged by the public long before he is even charged, and afforded the opportunity to defend himself.

Understandably, conviction for a California DUI charge could result in serious repercussions. In addition to heavy fines and other penalties, jail time may be ordered in certain cases. An accused individual must necessarily focus on the specifics of the allegations in order to protect his or her interests in court. While it remains to be seen what will happen in this instance, the man remains innocent unless government prosecutors can actually prove their case according to the strict requirements of our criminal justice system.

Source: Napa Valley Register, "Motorist arrested for suspected DUI after traffic collision", , May 23, 2014

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