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California woman facing DWI charge after crash that killed 6

Following up on our blog post about a tragic DUI accident on Feb.20 ("Driving under the influence accident causes death and injury?"), the accused drunk driver recently attended a hearing in court.The California parents of a 21-year-old woman have been going through difficult times since their 24-year-old daughter was killed in an accident reportedly caused by the alleged drunk driving of her younger sister. At a recent court hearing where the younger daughter was facing a felony DWI charge related to the accident, she was visibly distressed. While awaiting the arraignment that was postponed until May 21, the woman is detained on bail of $6 million.

Authorities said that several witnesses reported seeing a woman driving in the wrong direction at a high rate of speed on two different highways on the night of the tragic three-vehicle accident. In addition to the woman, only the driver of one of the three vehicles that were involved in the accident, survived. A family of four, who was in one vehicle all lost their lives. The alleged drunk driving woman sustained serious injuries while her older sister and another passenger died.

The young woman's family said that they were dismayed by the fact that they lost their one daughter in an accident and may have to see their other daughter being incarcerated for life. Aggravating circumstances in this case may be the fact that the accused woman was reported to have had a prior drunk driving conviction in California. In addition, records also indicated two other citations for earlier traffic violations.

A California resident who is facing a DWI charge may want to consider their options under state law carefully. In this case, with a prior conviction for drunk driving, it is unknown what the outcome will be. The best approach may be to gain the necessary information in order to understand legal processes that will follow. The accused individual is innocent before the court until and only if the prosecution can produce sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Lawyer: Fontana woman charged with killing 6 in DUI case is 'scared'", Joseph Serna, March 26, 2014

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