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April 2014 Archives

California man facing DUI charge after death of motorcyclist

It is not uncommon for the California public to judge individuals accused of committing a crime before they have had the opportunity to defend themselves in court. The is especially true in cases related to drunk driving. Although a conviction on a DUI charge may be detrimental to the accused individual's future, guilt must be proven before judgment is passed.

California man accused of hit and run now facing a DUI charge

Understandable, facing charges relating to DUI can have a negative impact on one's life. It is not uncommon for the California public to judge a person who is facing a DUI charge long before he or she has had the opportunity to defend against the accusations in a court of law. Any person is innocent until and only if prosecutors have proven guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Moreover, an accused individual has the right to protect his or her own interests in court.

California woman facing DWI charge after crash that killed 6

Following up on our blog post about a tragic DUI accident on Feb.20 ("Driving under the influence accident causes death and injury?"), the accused drunk driver recently attended a hearing in court.The California parents of a 21-year-old woman have been going through difficult times since their 24-year-old daughter was killed in an accident reportedly caused by the alleged drunk driving of her younger sister. At a recent court hearing where the younger daughter was facing a felony DWI charge related to the accident, she was visibly distressed. While awaiting the arraignment that was postponed until May 21, the woman is detained on bail of $6 million.

No DUI charge, but suspected gross vehicular homicide instead

Lying in a hospital with a guard at the door because one is suspected of gross vehicular manslaughter must be a traumatic experience. Knowing that one may have caused another person's death while possibly being intoxicated could only escalate the trauma. A 19-year-old man from California recently found himself in such a situation, and although drunk driving was suspected, he is not currently facing a DUI charge. Rather, he has been arrested for suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter, and it is likely that authorities are awaiting the results of blood tests before proceeding further.