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DWI charge for California woman still on previous DWI probation

Being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol could have a devastating effect on the rest of one's life. In California, one's driving privileges may be taken away and spending time behind bars is a possibility. If one is fortunate enough to receive probation after a DWI charge, one may have to attach a device to detect the presence of alcohol to the vehicle's ignition.

When a 43-year-old woman recently operated her cell phone while driving, she probably did not even consider the possibility of a patrol officer noticing this. Unfortunately for her, it was noticed, and the officer pulled the female driver over. Upon approach, the officer identified possible signs of inebriation and proceeded to investigate. He found that she had been convicted on DWI charges twice in the past 10 years.

Further investigation revealed that she was still on probation following the prior conviction and was reportedly ordered to have a device attached to the ignition of her vehicle for alcohol detection. She allegedly did not comply with this order and was also purportedly driving without a valid license. After the level of alcohol in her blood reportedly registered at .15 percent, she was arrested and charged with all of these offenses.

California residents who face a DWI charge may want to be proactive and retain the services of a legal representative who is experienced in matters relating to drunk driving offenses. Defending these charges obviously becomes more difficult when, as in this case, prior convictions exist. The offender may be free to enter into plea bargaining negotiations with the prosecutors. If successful, such negotiations may minimize the impact of the charge and provide the defendant with the best possible outcome.

Source: marinij.com, Belvedere woman arrested after alleged cellphone violation leads to third DUI case, Gary Klien, March 3, 2014

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