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Driving under the influence accident causes death and injury?

Unfortunately, car accidents are a daily occurrence. Driving under the influence is often a cause of collisions. A recent California accident has left more than one family devastated -- including the family of the driver accused of driving under the influence.

The accident occurred when the 21-year-old female driver was allegedly traveling at high rates of speed listed to be near 100 mph. The woman hit another vehicle head-on, which caused a third vehicle to crash into the two crashed vehicles. At that time, individuals were ejected onto the freeway.

Six individuals were killed as a result of the accident, including family members of the accused driver. The female driver, who is a new mother, was also seriously injured. She has been arrested for investigation of drunk driving because an alcohol container was found at the scene of the accident. Although the seriousness of this accident cannot be downplayed, it is important to note the investigation is still underway and could take quite some time to conclude.

California residents facing charges of driving under the influence may be able to work out a plea deal or possibly receive probation rather than jail time. In this case, the woman has a previous charge for driving under the influence when she was a teenager, so it is unknown what outcome she can expect. As soon as she is physically able, it may be in her best interest to review her rights and understand the best steps to take. This is no doubt a difficult time for not only the victims in the other car, but the woman's family who have lost loved ones and also aren't allowed to see the accused woman at this time.

Source: Fox News, Driver arrested in Southern California crash that killed 6 had previous DUI, No author, Feb. 11, 2014

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