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California pedestrian accident leads to misdemeanor DUI charge

In California, a drunk driving conviction, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor, can have lifelong consequences. Beyond whatever criminal consequences are imposed, the individual may deal with repercussions personally and professionally for a long time afterwards. After a recent accident in Woodland Hills that caused fatal injuries to a pedestrian, the 39-year-old driver now faces a misdemeanor DUI charge and an uncertain fate.

The accident occurred at about 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day as the 32-year-old pedestrian, a former child actor, was crossing Burbank Boulevard after parking his car in his neighborhood. The pedestrian's mother claims that the driver who struck him was intoxicated and going almost twice the speed limit. According to reports, the speed limit on the street where the accident occurred is 25 mph, and there are no crosswalks.

Residents of the neighborhood have reported that speeding is an issue on Burbank Boulevard; however, reports do not indicate if the accused was cited for using excessive speed. The driver was said to be from Woodland Hills. It was not reported what his sentence may be if he is found guilty of misdemeanor DUI.

There may be a lot at stake when it comes to any DUI charge in California. Individuals accused of drunk driving may lose their freedom because even if they do not serve jail time, they may lose their driving privileges. Therefore, it may be critical for anyone who faces a DUI offense to be proactive and seek representation with experience in defending drunk driving charges. Taking this step can ensure that the accused's rights are protected as he or she works to minimize the impact of the charge.

Source: NBC Southern California, Suspected DUI Driver Kills Former Child Actor, Jane Yamamoto and Jason Kandel, Feb. 23, 2014

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