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California man to face DUI charge following crash

A DUI charge can be the result of a myriad of different circumstances. Some people may be fighting a first-time charge in which no harm was suffered by any other individuals. In other instances, the potential ramifications can be even more serious. A recent accident that caused multiple fatalities has resulted in a California man facing a DUI charge.

The man was driving a minivan when it appears he went into the other lane of travel and collided head on with another vehicle. Four sisters were traveling in the vehicle that was struck. Three of the four were killed as a result of the crash. The surviving sister was listed in fair condition after being transported to a nearby medical facility.

The man accused of driving under the influence suffered major injuries. He was also allegedly involved in another crash earlier in the evening in which he fled the scene. There were no injuries in that crash. Although the man is in the hospital, he is facing charges of vehicular homicide and DUI.

While the man will first have to focus on his recovery, it could be in his best interest to understand his rights as he is taken into custody. Clearly, the fact that three individuals have lost their lives as a result of the accident is serious and will be taken as such in a California court. Every individual facing a DUI charge is entitled to a defense, and proper preparation could increase the man's odds of receiving a lesser sentence .

Source: ABC 30, 3 sisters die, 1 injured in Fresno County DUI Crash, Anthony Pura, Jan. 26, 2014

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