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February 2014 Archives

California pedestrian accident leads to misdemeanor DUI charge

In California, a drunk driving conviction, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor, can have lifelong consequences. Beyond whatever criminal consequences are imposed, the individual may deal with repercussions personally and professionally for a long time afterwards. After a recent accident in Woodland Hills that caused fatal injuries to a pedestrian, the 39-year-old driver now faces a misdemeanor DUI charge and an uncertain fate.

Driving under the influence accident causes death and injury?

Unfortunately, car accidents are a daily occurrence. Driving under the influence is often a cause of collisions. A recent California accident has left more than one family devastated -- including the family of the driver accused of driving under the influence.

Kattan facing driving under the influence charges in Californa

Driving under the influence can be an issue not just for other drivers on the road, but for the driver who has been accused as well. Clearly, driving under the influence is dangerous, but at times a person can also be falsely accused. It is important for all details to be made available when a person is facing charges. One recent California incident has left a celebrity fighting such charges.

California man facing charges for driving under the influence

Most California residents and specifically drivers are aware of not only the dangers but the potential repercussions of driving under the influence. However, accidents still occur as a result of driving under the influence and sometimes they are serious. When such an accident occurs, it is important to make sure that all facts are brought to the surface. A recent accident has left a California man charged with driving under the influence.

California man to face DUI charge following crash

A DUI charge can be the result of a myriad of different circumstances. Some people may be fighting a first-time charge in which no harm was suffered by any other individuals. In other instances, the potential ramifications can be even more serious. A recent accident that caused multiple fatalities has resulted in a California man facing a DUI charge.