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Driving under the influence may cost a California man jail time

California residents are most likely aware of the consequences they could suffer as a result of driving under the influence. However, they may not take into consideration that it could cost another person their life and result in jail time for themselves. A recent accident has done just that. One woman has lost her life while another is facing charges of driving under the influence as a result of the accident.

An accident that happened shortly after midnight appears to be the result of a man traveling too fast and possibly driving under the influence. The woman was in the passenger's seat at the time of the crash, but ended up in the back seat after the impact. The car hit a pole, and the driver was trapped and had to be rescued by emergency personnel. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver was transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment of his injuries. At the time of the report, he was noted to be listed in critical condition. It is anticipated that he will be charged under California criminal laws as he begins to recover from his injuries. Part of those charges may stem from the beer cans that police say they found at the scene. It was not reported if any blood tests were taken following his transport to the hospital or if authorities obtained a warrant to do so.

As the man continues to fight for his life, the investigation into this case will also continue. Once further evidence is gathered, it may be in the man's best interest to seek help to fight any charges that are placed against him. While he is facing charges for suspicion of driving under the influence, additional charges could prove to make the case more complex for him since a death was involved. The potential consequences that could accompany a criminal conviction mandate that every reasonable effort is made to protect the man's legal rights while seeking the best result attainable under all of the facts and circumstances.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, 20-Year-Old Passenger Killed in Suspected DUI Crash, Toni Guinyard and Samantha Tata, Dec. 31, 2013

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