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Child star arrested for driving under the influence in California

California residents are more than likely aware of the consequences that can happen as a result of drinking and driving. They may also be accustomed to reading about individuals that have been accused of driving under the influence. One such recent situation involved a former actor that many individuals may recognize from the show "The Partridge Family."

David Cassidy was pulled over after making an illegal right turn at a traffic light. When the officer made contact with Cassidy, the officer reported smelling alcohol. He was taken to a California jail where he placed a $15,000 bond only hours after being booked. No information was given regarding field sobriety testing or other testing that confirmed Cassidy's blood alcohol level. This could play a part at Cassidy's court date.

This is not Cassidy's first arrest for driving under the influence. During his prior conviction in a different state, since he was a first-time offender he was able to plead no contest. He received several orders from the court as a result of that conviction including the suspension of his driver's license for six months. He has already attended DUI school as a result of that conviction and did 50 hours towards community service, so it is not known if that may impact his sentence for this DUI charge. Obviously, he will not be able to enter a first-time offender defense.

As Cassidy moves forward with his defense in California, he may wish to be proactive and make sure he understands all available possibilities. As mentioned earlier, the fact that he has already been sentenced for the same charge may play a role in this case. However, with the knowledge needed to build the best possible defense, Cassidy can confidently face this driving under the influence charge.

Source: CNN, David Cassidy arrested again on drunken driving charge, Alan Duke, Jan. 13, 2014

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