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California car accident results in DUI charge

Facing a DUI charge can be life changing and at times a challenge. Circumstances and previous violations could determine how a person goes about handling the charge. A recent car accident in California has left one facing a DUI charge.

The accident involved four vehicles and resulted in one fatality. According to reports, the man facing charges rear-ended a SUV which sent it crashing into two other vehicles. At that time flames erupted and eventually made their way to the vehicle the man in question was driving. He had one passenger and they were both able to escape. The man and his passenger were both taken to a nearby medical facility where they received treatment for their injuries.

Emergency personnel confirmed that at least one individual died in the SUV that was rear-ended. The roadway was shut down for hours as medical personnel worked to help the injured and police conducted an investigation. Some details are still pending, but it was noted that the man facing charges was arrested following the treatment he received at the medical facility. He was taken into custody and booked into the local jail. It was unknown if he is still there or if a court date has been set.

Since no other details were given as far as why he was taken into custody or why he was suspected of driving under the influence, this case may be one people will be interested in. Other California residents that are facing a DUI charge may be able to relate to this case. People facing this situation may benefit from not only understanding their rights, but also have all of the needed facts to present in court. It is important that a case is handled correctly and all facts are made available so a beneficial decision can be made.

Source: CBS SF Bay Area, Driver Arrested For DUI After Deadly Crash On I-580 In Livermore, No author, Dec. 12, 2013

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