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California woman facing DUI charge receives sentence

Facing a DUI charge can be difficult situation for all parties involved. A California case was outlined in a recent news article when the defendant faced the victim's family in court. The 23-year-old defendant received her jail sentence for a DUI charge she received after a car accident.

The crash occurred close to the end of last year. She was allegedly driving her truck while intoxicated when she hit a small car head-on. The driver of big rig testified that he saw the truck coming and was able to pull off the side of the road. The small car behind him did not follow suit and was unfortunately hit. That driver, a 25-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman's blood alcohol level was estimated at .24 or .25 which is well over the 0.08 legal limit. During her testimony, she admitted to drinking at least 3 beers as well as 6 shots of rum. During her sentencing, she read a letter to the victim's family that offered an apology. As a result of her guilty plea, the woman is facing 6 years in prison which means she will be able to serve her time and move forward with her life at a young age.

Any California resident facing a DUI charge could benefit from having an understanding of their rights under the applicable state laws. For some individuals that make a first time mistake, depending on the surrounding circumstances they could potentially face their charges and move forward with their previous life. For those facing additional charges that involve a death such as this case, a person could be facing jail time, which is why knowing their rights and knowing the best way to move forward could be beneficial.

Source: cbs8.com, Sentencing for woman convicted in fatal DUI crash, No author, Nov. 5, 2013

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