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November 2013 Archives

California man facing DUI charge after car accident

Facing a DUI charge may be a confusing time for some California residents. For those facing a first time offense, they may not understand their rights or how to best handle the situation. Unfortunately, in some cases where people are facing a DUI charge, it is because of a serious accident. That could be the case in a recent accident in which a woman was killed.

California man charged with driving under the influence

Driving under the influence can be a serious charge for individuals to face. There are several circumstances that can surround these charges and at times an individual faces more than one charge. A recent car accident in California has left a man facing charges of driving under the influence.

California woman facing DUI charge receives sentence

Facing a DUI charge can be difficult situation for all parties involved. A California case was outlined in a recent news article when the defendant faced the victim's family in court. The 23-year-old defendant received her jail sentence for a DUI charge she received after a car accident.