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College student facing DUI charge following California accident

Defending a DUI charge can be difficult for residents when trying to face it alone. This is a serious charge that can impact the rest of a person's life. A college student is now facing a DUI charge following a recent California car accident.

The accident occurred when a man was driving the wrong way on the highway and hit a taxi head-on. Two people were injured and one was killed as a result of the collision. Reports indicate that two passengers were not wearing their seatbelts and one was completely ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The other passenger and the taxi driver also sustained severe injuries.

The man facing charges is said to be 24 years of age, but no other details were given. He has been charged, but has not been arrested due to the fact he is still hospitalized for the injuries he sustained from the accident. Depending on the outcome of the other passengers' injuries, the young man could face additional charges. As he recovers, it may be in his best interest to be as proactive as possible and look into the best way to prepare and present his defense as this case moves forward.

Any California resident in a similar situation or facing a DUI charge of their own may find it beneficial to know their rights under the applicable state laws. Since each case has its own set of circumstances, it can be in the defendant's best interest to have an understanding of what to expect. The outcome can vary and can depend on not only facts from the current charges, but previous charges and convictions could play a role. By knowing the best way to handle the situation, a person can move forward with confidence that a fair outcome can be achieved.

Source: ABC 7, Wrong-way driver accused of DUI in fatal Hwy 101 crash, No author, Oct. 5, 2013

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