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California officer sentenced for driving under the influence

While California residents may be used to reading about cases in which a person has been charged with driving under the influence, they may be surprised when it involves a person in authority. A case that involved a police officer charged with driving under the influence was recently heard in court. This is a reminder that even a police officer, who is seen as an authority figure, is still human and capable of making a mistake.

The original incident occurred when a California Highway Patrol officer reported for a scheduled shift last year. Upon reporting for duty, one of his superiors thought the officer appeared intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. The officer was given a breath test and reportedly his blood alcohol content was somewhere around 0.12 when he would have been driving to work.

This past week a jury convicted the officer of driving under the influence on 2-counts. Although sentencing does not always immediately follow a conviction, in this situation the officer received his sentencing right after his trial. He has been ordered to serve two days in jail and been placed on probation. In addition, he must pay a fine and perform 80 hours of community service. It was noted that his license was suspended, but it was not reported for how long.

Clearly driving under the influence is taken seriously by the court system. Any California resident facing such charges could benefit from understanding their rights under the state law. In some cases when a person is found guilty a lighter sentence may be given depending on any previous charges or convictions. With the proper knowledge, a person can determine the best way to move forward and regain their normal lifestyle.

Source: turnto23.com, CHP officer sentenced in DUI case, No author, Sept. 25, 2013

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