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California woman convicted on DUI charges following car accident

California residents may or may not be aware of the number of DUI charges that occur each year. A person can receive DUI charges from situations ranging from a traffic stop to a car crash. Recently, a woman received an eight year sentence stemming from a crash that killed two children.

The crash happened while the woman was driving under the influence. According to reports, the van crashed down an embankment ultimately ending up in a body of water on its roof and then sank. Her 5-year-old daughter and one other child were in the van at the time of the crash. Although they were both taken to nearby medical facilities, they did not survive. The passenger in the front passenger's seat was identified as the other child's father and was also able to get out of the van.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charges which could have resulted in a 12 year prison sentence rather than the eight year sentence she received. According to a police officer, her blood alcohol level measured 0.13 following the crash. The woman stated she and the adult passenger in her van both had three beers each prior to the crash.

Any California resident facing DUI charges could benefit from having an understanding of the applicable laws. Charges such as these could result in serious consequences. While the seriousness of driving under the influence can't be ignored, each case is different. In certain situations, a person may be innocent of the charges. Knowing a person's rights can help them determine the best way to move forward with any defense necessary.

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