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California teen facing DUI charges after deadly accident

California residents may be used to reading about citizens that are facing DUI charges. At times these charges can be unfounded, while at other times the part is indeed found guilty. An 18-year-old has recently been told he must stand trial for DUI charges following an accident that killed a man.

A 22-year-old man was killed when the 18-year-old crossed through the highway median and hit another car. The man that was killed was reportedly headed to a funeral at the time of the crash. Other witnesses have come forward saying they saw the 18-year-old in his SUV driving in an erratic manner and some even called 911 to report the actions of the driver. Some of the witnesses testified at a preliminary trial.

Police officers reported that the accused told them he was on his way to go eat. He also allegedly admitted to taking Xanax and smoking marijuana two days prior to the accident. It was also listed that the young man had inhaled a substance two months before the accident. All of the substances listed were allegedly found in blood test results. While this is no doubt a tragedy, it will be important for all of the facts to be presented as the case moves forward so the young man can receive a fair, unbiased trial.

Any California resident facing DUI charges could benefit from taking a proactive approach. Knowing one's rights can prove important when moving forward with any defense case the accused will need to build. With an understanding of the laws, an accused can be hopeful they will receive a fair plea bargain or sentence that is appropriate for their situation.

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