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California teacher facing DUI charges after third arrest

DUI charges can have a lasting impact on the accused. Whether the charges are warranted or are unfounded, a person facing such charges could benefit from knowing all available options. Recently, a California teacher has made headlines following an arrest stemming from DUI charges.

The 38-year-old is facing her third DUI since 2011. She is currently teaching 7th through 12th grade. While the superintendent of the school system declined to comment stating that it was a personal matter, he did state these situations are a case-by-case matter and would be handled accordingly. As of now, the woman is scheduled to start back to work at the beginning of the school year.

It was reported the woman spent a short time in jail in 2011 and received an additional three years of probation. After the third arrest, she was ordered to attend counseling, but failure to do so resulted in her having to return to court. The woman's next sentence will now be handed down in court.

Any California resident facing DUI charges could benefit from understanding the applicable state laws. Whether it is a person's first or third charge, knowing their rights can prove to be critical when moving forward with a defense. At times, depending on the current circumstances and any prior convictions, a person could be eligible for a lighter sentence. As is evident with the above case, a person can face the charges and be hopeful to maintain their job and return to a normal life following a fair outcome.

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