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California firefighter facing driving under the influence charges

California residents may be used to reading stories about citizens driving under the influence. What they may not be used to, however, is reading about a firefighter driving under the influence while on duty. This story is undoubtedly impacting a lot of people.

The accident occurred when the firefighter was responding to a call. He was driving the fire truck and hit a man on a motorcycle while making a turn. The rider was transported to a local hospital with what were described as serious injuries. At the scene of the accident, the firefighter received orders from his superior to stay with the fire truck which according to reports he failed to comply with. It appears he chose to go to a bar and consume large quantities of water in an alleged attempt to lower the amount of alcohol in his system.

His blood alcohol level was reported at 0.13 when a test was done at the firehouse. The investigation and charges are still pending. The Fire Commission, however, has released a list of 13 reasons he should be terminated. While the seriousness of these charges can't be downplayed, it was noted that he has received two special honors during his time of service.

Any California resident that is facing charges of driving under the influence may find that taking a proactive approach to the situation could prove beneficial. Depending on the circumstances, a person may be offered a plea bargain. By knowing one's rights and having a plan on the best way to move forward, the accused can be hopeful a fair and timely judgment will be reached.

Source: ABC 7 San Francisco, "SF firefighter arrested in on-duty DUI crash may lose job," Vic Lee, July 22, 2013