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August 2013 Archives

California officer charged with driving under the influence

California residents may be aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. They may also be used to reading about arrests that resulted from driving under the influence. However, when a police officer or other authority figure is the person facing charges, the public can often make a hasty judgment regarding if the accused is guilty or not.Recently, a five-year veteran with the California Highway Patrol was arrested after a civilian reported seeing the man pulled over at the corner of an intersection. The officer was not on duty at the time of the incident. The arrest was made by his fellow officers within his own department. A supervisor within the division stated the officer made a mistake, but nonetheless his actions will be investigated. The officer will be returning to work this week. It was also reported the officer’s blood alcohol level was .08 which is the legal limit. No information was given concerning the officer’s background. It was not known if this was his first offense.Any California resident that is in a similar situation facing charges for driving under the influence could benefit from understanding their rights according to the state laws. Knowing what a person is entitled to, including a fair investigation as well as trial, can prove beneficial when moving forward with a defense. The accused may have several options to rectify the situation. By knowing one’s rights, they can be more hopeful for a positive outcome and that they will be able to resume a normal life.

California teacher facing DUI charges after third arrest

DUI charges can have a lasting impact on the accused. Whether the charges are warranted or are unfounded, a person facing such charges could benefit from knowing all available options. Recently, a California teacher has made headlines following an arrest stemming from DUI charges.

California woman convicted on DUI charges following car accident

California residents may or may not be aware of the number of DUI charges that occur each year. A person can receive DUI charges from situations ranging from a traffic stop to a car crash. Recently, a woman received an eight year sentence stemming from a crash that killed two children.

California firefighter facing driving under the influence charges

California residents may be used to reading stories about citizens driving under the influence. What they may not be used to, however, is reading about a firefighter driving under the influence while on duty. This story is undoubtedly impacting a lot of people.

California teen facing DUI charges after deadly accident

California residents may be used to reading about citizens that are facing DUI charges. At times these charges can be unfounded, while at other times the part is indeed found guilty. An 18-year-old has recently been told he must stand trial for DUI charges following an accident that killed a man.