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California man facing DUI charges after death of pastor

Many drivers are aware of the amount of responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle. Most are also aware of the severe consequences that can result from DUI charges. Although driving under the influence is often considered an irresponsible choice, there are times when a person makes a one-time mistake that is out of character or is falsely accused of a DUI. A recent wrong-way California accident has claimed the life of a local pastor and could leave a driver facing DUI charges.

The pastor was returning home from a church trip when a man driving a truck allegedly crossed into his lane of travel and crashed into his car. The 77-year-old was killed and his two passengers were both seriously injured. One, who was listed as his aid, was transported to a local hospital and is listed in critical condition. Another passenger, the church secretary, was also transported and is reportedly on life support. 

The driver of the truck, who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, was also seriously injured and transported to a hospital. Since he could be facing serious charges, it will be important the driver is aware of his rights under the state laws as soon as possible. Even during this tragic time, the man is entitled to his day in court and the chance to defend himself. Alternatively, the defendant could possibly receive a lighter sentence should a plea bargain be offered and accepted.

Any California driver facing DUI charges may find it in their best interest to take a proactive approach. By staying on top of the situation and having an understanding of one's rights, a person can hope to regain their normal life. Several factors are taken into consideration when fighting these charges, including if a person has any prior convictions. By researching and learning about the options, a person can choose the best way in which to move forward.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "77-Year-Old Pastor Killed in Wrong-Way Freeway Crash," Jason Kandel and Michelle Valles, June 24, 2013