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California driver facing DUI charges after serious crash

Most California residents are aware of the severity of DUI charges. Although serious, it can be important for all accused individuals to have their days in court to face the charges and, if they so choose, defend themselves in a court of law. A recent accident in which one person was killed and two others received major injuries has left a driver facing DUI charges.

The accused man crossed into the other lane of travel and hit a vehicle head-on before crashing into a large van that was carrying eight passengers. The driver of the car that received the initial impact was killed instantly. Both of his passengers were transported to local hospital with serious injuries. Three occupants in the van were believed to have received minor injuries. The accused man suffered what were described as major injuries and was transported as well.

The man was said to have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, but no details were given as to any testing that may have been performed on scene or at the hospital. The seriousness of the charges certainly can't be dismissed, but the investigation may prove to be critical for the defense moving forward. The man will be entitled to his day in court just as any other accused person. Even if he is found guilty after a trial, a plea bargain or other options may be appropriate in his case.

Any California driver faced with DUI charges may benefit from understanding the applicable laws. Although the serious nature of these charges can't be ignored, a defendant could possibly receive a better outcome by knowing their rights. Should a person become overwhelmed with options, there is plenty of help available.

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