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July 2013 Archives

California bicycle rider facing DUI charges after accident

California residents may think DUI charges only stem from driving an automobile, but a recent story making headlines proves otherwise. Recently, a woman riding her bicycle struck a man and she is now facing DUI charges. Although the seriousness of the charges is undeniable, all facts in this case could prove to be important moving forward.

California driver facing DUI charges after accident

Most California drivers are probably aware of serious repercussions that could occur when someone faces DUI charges. When a tragedy occurs, the public can be quick to judge the accused, but it can be important to remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty. A recent accident has left a man facing DUI charges after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

California driver facing DUI charges after serious crash

Most California residents are aware of the severity of DUI charges. Although serious, it can be important for all accused individuals to have their days in court to face the charges and, if they so choose, defend themselves in a court of law. A recent accident in which one person was killed and two others received major injuries has left a driver facing DUI charges.

California man facing DUI charges after death of pastor

Many drivers are aware of the amount of responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle. Most are also aware of the severe consequences that can result from DUI charges. Although driving under the influence is often considered an irresponsible choice, there are times when a person makes a one-time mistake that is out of character or is falsely accused of a DUI. A recent wrong-way California accident has claimed the life of a local pastor and could leave a driver facing DUI charges.