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Former NFL player facing DUI charges in California

A person facing DUI charges can often feel overwhelmed and helpless. While the fact that these are serious charges can't be denied, it is important to point out that all situations are different and there are options available to those faced with DUI charges. Recently, a former NFL player was arrested in California for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Titus Young was originally arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, given a citation and then allowed to leave the jail pending further legal actions. However, according to police records, approximately 14 hours later Mr. Young was spotted attempting to take his vehicle from the tow yard after he had jumped the fence to do so. As a result of this action, he was then arrested for burglary.

While this certainly adds a kink to Mr. Young's case, it is important to note he was arrested on suspicion and is entitled to his day in court as any other citizen. Even if found guilty, a plea deal could ultimately work in his favor, especially if this is his first offense. No further information was given about any prior charges or convictions.

Any California resident facing DUI charges may find it helpful to take a proactive approach. Researching and having an understanding of the law can certainly help when moving forward with a defense. There are several options a defendant may have based on their particular circumstance. While every case is different, with the proper understanding a person can be hopeful that they can move past the charges and continue to be a productive citizen in society.

Source: aol.sportingnews.com, "Titus Young arrested twice in California; DUI, burglary charges," May 8, 2013

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