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May 2013 Archives

Former NFL player facing DUI charges in California

A person facing DUI charges can often feel overwhelmed and helpless. While the fact that these are serious charges can't be denied, it is important to point out that all situations are different and there are options available to those faced with DUI charges. Recently, a former NFL player was arrested in California for suspicion of driving under the influence.

California woman facing DUI charges after crash

Facing DUI charges can be a life changer if not properly handled. A recent accident in which a woman was driving the wrong way down a California highway resulted in a head on collision that killed one man. The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries before being arrested. Police suspect she was impaired at the time of the crash. She may now be facing DUI charges pending the completion of the investigation.

California residents could benefit from DUI procedure changes

California DUI suspects often have a hard road ahead of them in court. The necessary procedures during a suspected DUI traffic stop are changing, which could prove to be a positive change for the wrongly accused. A recent decision by the Supreme Court states that police officers can no longer force a driver to give a blood sample without a search warrant.

79 DUI charges brought by one California cop overturned

A recent case involving a California police officer and 79 of his DUI cases has made headlines nationwide. While it was noted several of the DUI charges were founded, the way in which the officer handled the reports did not meet the requirements to uphold the charges. This will no doubt bring attention to other similar cases.