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DUI charges in California, other possible allegations

When car accidents happen, a primary area of investigation is any impairment of the drivers who are involved that may have caused or affected the accident. DUI charges sometimes result from such investigations, and defendants facing allegations need to be well-prepared regarding the law in that area. When such charges are complicated by additional allegations in the accident, an even greater level of understanding of the law could be important to a defendant that has to handle their case before the court.

In a car accident that occurred in mid-March, a man was accused of driving under the influence causing injury, among other charges. The man is accused of driving a BMW into two men outside of a strip club in California. Both men were seriously injured when the BMW hit them.

One man lost both of his legs while the other had one leg amputated as a result of their injuries. In addition to the accident involving allegations of drunk driving, it was being investigated as a hate crime. Racial epithets were allegedly made by the driver to the victims in the accident. Prosecutors have currently set aside the hate crime investigation, saying there is no supporting evidence to back it up.

Defendants that are facing serious drunk driving charges are already at risk of losing their license or having restricted driving privileges. In cases like this one where serious bodily harm is alleged, they may also face potential jail time. If other charges in California are involved that relate to the DUI charges such as those of a potential hate crime, knowledge of the law may serve a defendant well when dealing with the court system.

Source: losangeles.cbslocal.com, "Man Pleads Not Guilty In Alleged DUI Crash That Severed 2 Men's Legs," March 25, 2013

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