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California defendants with DUI charges deserve to make their case

Car accidents that lead to a death are tragic by their very nature. The tragedy often deepens for the victims and those left behind when drugs or alcohol are thought to be involved in the crash. People can be left feeling that they should have done more, and that those accused of DUI charges should be fully prosecuted under the law. Yet the accused have rights, too, and deserve a good defense. Preparing for their time before the court and jury can put California defendants accused of drunk driving in a better position than they might otherwise find themselves.

A California defendant was sentenced to up to 10 years in jail in a recent DUI case. The other driver was killed in the accident. The defendant had been accused of DUI in a prior incident in 2010, and had been convicted of misdemeanor DUI.

In the California car accident that led to the jail term, the defendant's car is said to have hit another car and bumped it into traffic. The other car hit a pickup truck, killing the driver of the car in the process. The driver of the pickup truck had minor injuries.

Despite the fact that the defendant's blood alcohol level was tested at just barely over the legal limit, the judge gave her the maximum penalty under the law. If she had had the opportunity to explain about extenuating circumstances and the whole of her case, she might have been able get a better result. Defendants facing similar DUI charges with a challenging history may want to take the opportunity to fully present their case to the court to increase their ability to impact the charges they face and any resulting court decisions.

Source: Southwest Riverside County News, "Lake Elsinore woman who killed teen while driving drunk sentenced today," Feb. 19, 2013

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