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March 2013 Archives

California DUI charges: Should you negotiate with prosecution?

There are cases brought by the state that are difficult to defend. When there is a lot of evidence in a situation that weighs against an accused individual, one good approach may be to work with the system as well as possible under the circumstances. In these circumstances, a good understanding of the applicable laws and court procedures may assist a California defendant facing DUI charges in reaching a better result.

DUI charges aren't the only charges a California woman is facing

A California woman is facing a slew of charges in connection with a recent incident in an apartment parking lot. She is facing DUI charges and making criminal threats. She was also suspected of negligently discharging a firearm.

California is working to develop DUI standards for medicine

There is a movement nationwide to start creating standards for DUI in relation to medications and controlled substances. In a state like California, the concern and need for standards is strong, especially in view of the law allowing medicinal use of marijuana. Marijuana is legal to use in various circumstances, but a law has not been clearly expressed that provides a standard as to how much marijuana in an individual's bloodstream would make it illegal to drive. In the California State Senate, one senator is working to standardize and strengthen DUI laws related to controlled substances.

California defendants with DUI charges deserve to make their case

Car accidents that lead to a death are tragic by their very nature. The tragedy often deepens for the victims and those left behind when drugs or alcohol are thought to be involved in the crash. People can be left feeling that they should have done more, and that those accused of DUI charges should be fully prosecuted under the law. Yet the accused have rights, too, and deserve a good defense. Preparing for their time before the court and jury can put California defendants accused of drunk driving in a better position than they might otherwise find themselves.