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Radiator fluid supposedly leads police to suspect, DUI charges

There are many different ways that police are led to investigate potential DUIs. Two of the more common ways to end up with DUI charges are at the site of a car accident or at a sobriety check point. On more rare occasions, a California driver may seem to be implicated by evidence that an officer allegedly finds. In such an instance, a well-prepared defense may be very beneficial to a potential defendant.

In southern California, a driver is accused of drunk driving in Grantville. The driver supposedly ran into the back of a parked car in the middle of the night. Rather than stopping and reporting the accident, the driver is then accused of leaving the scene.

Sometime thereafter, the same driver is accused of hitting the side of another car. It is said that he did not report this accident either, and instead continued driving. The driver is then alleged to have gone to a house some distance away and parked there.

The police were allegedly able to determine a likely location of this DUI suspect by following a path of leaky radiator fluid from the first incident, which involved a BMW. The trail continued to the car hit on the side and to the house where the car was parked. The police in California then gave the person they found at the house a sobriety test and arrested him with DUI charges. While the evidence sounds very strong on first review, further investigation of the facts may lead a judge or jury to a different conclusion. The accused may benefit from further exploration of the facts and a good understanding of the law.

Source: KFMB Channel 8, "Police follow trail of leaking fluid to DUI suspect," Jan. 31, 2013

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