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California woman faces DUI charges in unusual case

Unusual elements in a criminal case can be distracting to the participants in the legal process. If the details of a case are entertaining to the public, a defendant is more likely to face a judge and jury that are familiar with some of the facts in the case. A defendant currently facing DUI charges in California may have a more difficult time getting an impartial hearing due to the unusual circumstances involved.

The woman was arrested for driving under the influence after hitting her fiancé with a car. At the time the incident occurred, the couple had parked the car and the fiancé had gotten out of the driver's seat for unknown reasons. The defendant slipped into the driver's seat and put the car into drive, striking him. The impact sent him over the hood of the car and caused him significant injuries. The car continued on, eventually crashing into two trees.

The investigation into the case is ongoing. However, investigators report that both parties were naked at the time of the accident, and the driver was allegedly drunk. She now faces charges of felony DUI causing injury.

While the public might find some facts about the case to be entertaining, the penalties that this young woman faces are anything but. She may benefit from a legal team who can ensure that she gets a fair trial and that her legal rights are protected. It would likely benefit any defendant facing DUI charges in California to be well prepared to dispel misconceptions and impressions when he or she comes to court before the judge.

Source: vvdailypress.com, "Naked woman arrested for DUI after allegedly driving car into naked fiancé," Tomoya Shimura, Jan. 24, 2013

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