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California man must defend against DUI charges

It can be difficult to defend against criminal charges when the circumstances of the arrest weigh against a defendant. One of the challenges of DUI charges is that they often arise from a situation where the behavior of the defendant drew the attention of a police officer or the community. When that happens, one of the most important things a defendant can do is be well prepared to present the facts in the most positive light.

In a recent incident in California, a man was allegedly about to drive through a red light, nearly hitting a police car. The police officer claimed to have had the green light but thought the other driver was not going to stop. The driver of the other car was then supposedly seen hitting the brakes and making an abrupt turn onto another street.

The officer is said to have then followed the car. He signaled for the driver of the car to pull over and the driver did so. The officer then claims that the driver presented someone else's identification and appeared to be drunk or under the influence of some drug or medication.

Ultimately the driver was charged with several criminal acts, including violation of probation and DUI in California. It is not clear what tests may have been performed to determine that he may have been intoxicated. For defendants like him, presenting the facts in the best light can be very important in defending against DUI charges. Sometimes circumstances can look bad, but the whole of the facts can make it clear that the situation was more of an error or miscommunication than a crime. A good defense can serve a defendant well in such circumstances.

Source: napavalleyregister.com, "Police: Man arrested after nearly hitting officer with car," Feb. 11, 2013

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