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California DUI charges can be confused by "suspicion"

Being arrested on suspicion of a crime rather than the crime itself can seem like a weak charge. Whether it is or not depends on the circumstances and possibly the history of the driver. At times, California defendants may mistakenly think that a suspicion charge is not a serious one. Defendants arrested on the suspicion of a behavior, such as DUI charges, should treat it just like any other arrest and be prepared to defend against the charge vigorously.

A California woman was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI in mid-February. She is said to have failed the sobriety test. It is not clear if she had a blood test or breathalyzer test to determine her blood alcohol level.

A felony DUI charge is inherently serious. For this defendant it is more so, because she has a history of DUI convictions. Due to her history, and the fact that she was driving with a suspended license, she may have a more difficult time getting a fair hearing in court. She was accused of violating her probation as well. It is not clear if the probation was violated by the possible DUI, or merely by driving the car.

However bad the situation looks, the California defendant may have had very good reason to be behind the wheel. There may be extenuating circumstances in her DUI charges. In addition, she may not have actually been drinking. She and others like her may want to be well-prepared to defend against suspicion charges, so that she can have a fair hearing in court.

Source: fresnobee.com, "CHP: Napa woman arrested for 6th DUI," Feb. 18. 2013

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