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February 2013 Archives

California DUI charges can be confused by "suspicion"

Being arrested on suspicion of a crime rather than the crime itself can seem like a weak charge. Whether it is or not depends on the circumstances and possibly the history of the driver. At times, California defendants may mistakenly think that a suspicion charge is not a serious one. Defendants arrested on the suspicion of a behavior, such as DUI charges, should treat it just like any other arrest and be prepared to defend against the charge vigorously.

California man must defend against DUI charges

It can be difficult to defend against criminal charges when the circumstances of the arrest weigh against a defendant. One of the challenges of DUI charges is that they often arise from a situation where the behavior of the defendant drew the attention of a police officer or the community. When that happens, one of the most important things a defendant can do is be well prepared to present the facts in the most positive light.

Radiator fluid supposedly leads police to suspect, DUI charges

There are many different ways that police are led to investigate potential DUIs. Two of the more common ways to end up with DUI charges are at the site of a car accident or at a sobriety check point. On more rare occasions, a California driver may seem to be implicated by evidence that an officer allegedly finds. In such an instance, a well-prepared defense may be very beneficial to a potential defendant.

California woman faces DUI charges in unusual case

Unusual elements in a criminal case can be distracting to the participants in the legal process. If the details of a case are entertaining to the public, a defendant is more likely to face a judge and jury that are familiar with some of the facts in the case. A defendant currently facing DUI charges in California may have a more difficult time getting an impartial hearing due to the unusual circumstances involved.