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January 2013 Archives

California officer faces DUI charges and a difficult road ahead

While an ordinary person has a difficult road ahead when accused of a crime, public servants, such as police officers, have especially difficult challenges. Simple DUI charges can impact not only their ability to drive but also their ability to hold a job that is linked with their reputation. Police officers in California and elsewhere need to handle any charges against them especially carefully to minimize the damage they can have over all aspects of their lives.

DUI charges in vehicular assault cases can be difficult to defend

Highway safety is challenging to maintain while construction is ongoing. Efforts by the cities and states to make the arena safe for workers who are working under dangerous conditions are increasing. For that reason, drivers who are accused of unsafe driving or DUI charges in roadwork areas can have a particularly difficult case to defend when they go before the courts in California.

Inability to monitor the road could affect DUI charges

It is important for individuals to be aware of their surroundings while they are driving. Following the speed limit and obeying traffic laws is helpful, too. In any circumstance, defendants should be aware that if they have a history dealing with the court system they may have to make an effort to protect their right to a fair trial in California. In the case of drunk driving investigations, certain behaviors can sometimes be interpreted as evasive and affect DUI charges.

California DUI charges could lead to 6 years in prison

In December, a driver was reminded to take extra care while driving when he allegedly ran into a police car in the middle of the afternoon. The California driver was arraigned on DUI charges causing injury on January 7, 2013 in relation to the car accident. There are many facts related to this accident that could make claims by the police officer difficult to defend against. As a result, the defendant needs to have a very good grasp of the law in relation to possible claims in this accident.

California DUI charges in wrong-way Highway 101 crash

There are many dangerous accidents, especially during the holiday season. DUI charges can sometimes be a factor in these accidents. The nature of the season makes the police especially vigilant in pursuing such charges. As a result, defendants accused of DUI in California should be prepared to mount a strong defense if they decide to fight the charges leveled against them.