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Joe Simpson pleads no contest to California DUI charges

When a California resident has been charged with DUI, they have several options regarding their entered plea. A guilty plea admits that the defendant committed the crime. A not guilty plea denies guilt and places the burden of proof entirely on the prosecution. A plea of no contest falls in the middle between the two, and may provide for a more favorable outcome than a conviction after trial. For celebrity dad Joe Simpson, his recent plea of no contest means that he will not face additional jail time for his recent DUI charges.

Father to celebrities Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Joe Simpson was arrested after he was stopped by police on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. Officers suspected that he had been driving while under the influence of alcohol. Simpson willingly submitted to a breathalyzer test, and was subsequently arrested for DUI.

Simpson entered a plea of guilty in relation to a charge of one misdemeanor count of drunk driving. In return, a second count against him was dismissed by prosecutors. As a result of the plea bargain, he will not face jail time under his plea of no contest, but received three years of probation and will have to attend a class on alcohol education. Though the sentence may be inconvenient for the celebrity dad, it is likely that he is grateful to avoid the prospect of a jail sentence.

Anyone in California facing DUI charges has the right to defend themselves against those accusations. In some instances, the best defense may include a negotiated agreement with prosecutors. A well-informed evaluation of the circumstances and the strength of the evidence in each case will determine the best course of action. Every criminal case is different, but the laws in California are the same for everyone and maintain each individual's right to a criminal defense.

Source: People, "Joe Simpson sentenced to probation for DUI," Nov. 16, 2012

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