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DUI charges in deadly car accident

Sometimes, an initial impact between vehicles seems minor and nobody's life is put at stake. However, in cases where another vehicle comes upon the accident and another collision occurs, the incident can become much more serious. One recent car accident in California resulted in DUI charges against the driver who caused the first impact after the second collision killed the motorist which he struck.

The first accident occurred when the driver of an Infiniti hit a Smart Car at about 65 mph. The driver of the Infiniti was able to get his car off of the road, while the Smart Car remained in the fast lane, with its lights turned off and without any indication of hazard or warning to other drivers. The accident happened at about 2:45 in the morning, leaving little to no visibility to drivers coming through the area on the 210 Freeway in California.

As a result, when another car came through the area in the fast lane, the Smart Car was rear-ended by another car at nearly 65 mph. The driver of the Smart Car was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not clear at what point the driver was killed, or if he was still in the car when the third car came by and hit him. It was not reported if the driver of the Infiniti was hurt. The driver of the third car, a Camry, did suffer injuries, and was treated at a hospital, and he has not been charged with anything at this time.

An officer gave the driver of the Infiniti a field sobriety test. The results of the test are not known, but the driver was taken in on DUI charges. The police are continuing to investigate the case, and they are seeking additional witnesses that may be able to contribute to the narrative about what happened.

The continuing investigation may yield information that affects how this case is resolved. It's not immediately clear whether the man who is facing DUI charges may also be held criminally responsible for the other man's death, considering that it was actually the second impact which killed him. At the least, however, it does seem likely that the man charged with DUI will need to present a strong defense if he chooses to fight the charges.

Source: Diamond Bar-Walnut, CA Patch, "UPDATED: Crash in Claremont Results in One Dead," Dec. 19, 2012

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