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December 2012 Archives

DUI charges in deadly car accident

Sometimes, an initial impact between vehicles seems minor and nobody's life is put at stake. However, in cases where another vehicle comes upon the accident and another collision occurs, the incident can become much more serious. One recent car accident in California resulted in DUI charges against the driver who caused the first impact after the second collision killed the motorist which he struck.

California Highway Patrol announces DUI charges in crash

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a head-on collision in Victorville that injured one driver, killed his female passenger, and injured another driver. It has been reported that one driver is already facing charges of causing major injury and death, as well as DUI charges. Other charges may be filed as the investigation continues.

DUI charges in fatal crash for California drug counselor

A 51-year-old California woman is now facing criminal charges after a recent car accident in Torrance. Police say the driver struck and killed a 35-year-old pedestrian. The victim landed on the hood of her car, and she apparently kept driving for another few miles before bystanders got her to pull over. The driver was arrested on DUI charges, manslaughter and felony hit-and-run.

Joe Simpson pleads no contest to California DUI charges

When a California resident has been charged with DUI, they have several options regarding their entered plea. A guilty plea admits that the defendant committed the crime. A not guilty plea denies guilt and places the burden of proof entirely on the prosecution. A plea of no contest falls in the middle between the two, and may provide for a more favorable outcome than a conviction after trial. For celebrity dad Joe Simpson, his recent plea of no contest means that he will not face additional jail time for his recent DUI charges.