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Drunk driving checkpoint to be conducted Saturday in Pleasanton

During national holiday weeks, law enforcement agencies across the country work to arrest and prosecute drunk drivers. According to a report, the California Highway Patrol will continue its effort this weekend to arrest suspected drunk drivers at a DUI checkpoint in Pleasanton. These checkpoints are meant to discourage people from driving under the influence, but they might also cause arrests of people who aren't drunk.

When police conduct DUI testing, they put people through many tests, some of which might not accurately detect whether the person is drunk or not. Because of these tests, a person might be charged with DUI even when they have only had one or two drinks.

DUI checkpoints don't require a person to violate another traffic law in order to be tested for drunk driving. A drunk driving charge and arrest in California can lead to consequences for a person far beyond fines and potential loss of a license. The stigma attached to a drunk driving charge can follow a person for years after an arrest.

Because of the potential for DUI to affect a person's professional, personal and social life, it might be wise to develop a rigorous criminal defense if someone is facing a charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney that understands California DUI laws can help a person understand their rights and navigate the sometimes complex legal system. They can examine evidence and make sure police and investigators haven't overstepped their bounds during the arrest or court proceedings, which could lead to an unfair trial or conviction.

Source: Contra Costa Times, "California Highway Patrol to set up sobriety checkpoint," Robert Jordan, July 5, 2012

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