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July 2012 Archives

Vehicular manslaughter charges dropped against San Jose man

Drunk driving charges can be hard enough to face, but when those charges are compounded by allegations of vehicular manslaughter, the consequences that come with conviction can be extremely serious. Although a death may have occurred during a car accident between two drivers, it does not necessarily mean that someone was at fault and should therefore face life-changing consequences. Thankfully, state and federal laws protect not only those that are injured or victims of a crash, but also those that are accused of causing the accident.

NFL player arrested on suspicion of DUI in Alameda County

When a person in Alameda County or anywhere in the United States is accused of drunk driving, the charge alone can have a negative impact on a person's future, especially if it hits local media outlets. As readers can imagine, the issue becomes that much more stressful when charges are filed against a well-known individual and the reports are spread across the country.

Drunk driving checkpoint to be conducted Saturday in Pleasanton

During national holiday weeks, law enforcement agencies across the country work to arrest and prosecute drunk drivers. According to a report, the California Highway Patrol will continue its effort this weekend to arrest suspected drunk drivers at a DUI checkpoint in Pleasanton. These checkpoints are meant to discourage people from driving under the influence, but they might also cause arrests of people who aren't drunk.