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5 injured, driver accused of driving under the influence

Five people, including three children, were hospitalized after an accident on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The driver of the car was the only occupant who did not suffer serious injuries. Officers who suspected she was driving under the influence of alcohol arrested the driver.

While the California Highway Patrol is seeking witnesses to provide more information about the incident, their preliminary accident report indicates that a 28-year-old woman from Santa Paula was eastbound on Highway 150 when she lost control of her vehicle. The car crashed into a wall not far from a school shortly before 6 p.m. Two adults and three children who were passengers in the car were injured.

Alleged wrong-way driver may seek support defending a DWI charge

A fatal wrong-way crash recently led to accusations of intoxicated driving. A 30-year-old California nurse's assistant may be seeking legal counsel to help with defending a DWI charge after the accident. The driver is suspected of driving while impaired when he traveled west against traffic heading east in Fontana on the 10 Freeway.

A report issued by the California Highway Patrol indicates that the crash occurred in the early hours of a recent Sunday morning. Reportedly, the suspected drunk driver collided with an eastbound car, causing it to spin out of control into a vehicle in another lane. The driver of the second car apparently suffered critical injuries, and paramedics rushed her to a medical center; however, she later succumbed to her injuries. She was believed to have been a 38-year-old woman from Hemet.

Is testing for driving under the influence of marijuana reliable?

California and other states that have decriminalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana still have laws against driving while impaired. However, the standards for marijuana impairment are still evolving, and many questions about driving under the influence of pot exist. Currently, California law enforcement uses both observed and chemically tested impairment as the basis for charges of marijuana DUI.

Field tests may allow trained officers to judge driver impairment based on personal observations. However, the reliability of this method is questionable. Although officers receive advanced training in identifying many indicators of pot impairment, many may not have mastered the skills required to make accurate observations.

Man accused of driving under the influence, causing miscarriage

Any driver who is suspected of impaired driving in California could face the wrath of the law. When a person who is suspected of driving under the influence causes a crash that leads to the serious injury or death of another, his or her first consideration would likely be to engage experienced legal counsel. Although it may be challenging to defend a DUI charge, it is possible.

According to California Highway Patrol, a 40-year-old Santa Rosa man was arrested in Sonoma County on the late afternoon of a recent Monday. Officers say the man was eastbound on Highway 12 when he allegedly veered across the center, entering the westbound traffic lanes. Reportedly, his vehicle collided head-on with a vehicle traveling west.

Being polite during a traffic stop may benefit a DUI charge

Sometimes California drivers operate their vehicles after having a few drinks, thinking that their blood-alcohol levels are below the allowed level of .08 percent for adult drivers. The consequences could be severe if they are pulled over and arrested -- even without a conviction. The manner in which a driver handles such a traffic stop may play a role in the severity of any DUI charge that is filed.

Pulling over immediately upon an officer's command may be a good start. The driver should then switch off the engine and put both his or her hands on the steering wheel. The driver must then remain in the car until the officer asks him or her to get out. Any impoliteness such as cursing, running, using force against the officer or disobeying orders can exacerbate the situation and may count against the driver.

SUV roll-over leads to DUI charge and another man's death

Shortly after midnight on a rainy Monday earlier this month, a man from San Diego lost his life when his car crashed into an SUV that had previously rolled over. Another California driver -- the one who drove the wrecked SUV -- is now facing a felony DUI charge. The crash resulted in delays, as traffic had to be diverted into the carpool lanes.

According to authorities, the accident occurred in rainy conditions on Interstate 15. A crash report indicates that a 19-year-old driver lost control of her SUV and slammed into the dividing barriers between the carpool lanes and southbound I-15. The impact caused the vehicle to roll onto its roof. The driver suffered serious injuries, and paramedics transported her to a hospital in La Jolla.

When does a DUI charge become a felony?

When a driver in California is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the seriousness of the charge will depend on whether his or her offense is seen as a misdemeanor or something more serious. Certain circumstances can elevate a misdemeanor DUI charge to a felony. The consequences of a conviction can have an adverse impact on any person's personal and professional life, and a strong defense might be necessary.

The BAC limit in California is .08 percent, but if toxicology tests determine a driver's BAC to be at an excessive level such as .16 or higher, he or she could face a felony charge. Also, if anybody suffers bodily harm as the result of an impaired driver's negligence, a felony charge may follow -- but only if the driver caused the injury. Prior DUI convictions can also count against an alleged drunk driver.

Alleged street racer faces DUI charge after crash into porch

When a suspected impaired driver tries to flee the scene of an accident, the charges becomes more serious, especially if there were injuries. What might have been only a DUI charge may turn out to be a felony charge -- making the potential penalties more severe. Facing such charges is usually easier with the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

According to a report by the California Highway Patrol, an SUV smashed into a house after allegedly participating in street racing. Officers say two SUVs collided at an intersection after they appeared to have been involved in chasing each other. The impact of the collision caused one SUV to careen onto private property and slam into a porch of the residence. One of the four people who were on the porch at the time was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

Defending a DWI charge may not be what this driver anticipated

A 20-year-old California woman was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries that she suffered in an alleged drunk driving crash. The young man who is deemed responsible will likely be exploring his options for defending a DWI charge after his arrest in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty at a subsequent court appearance.

According to a report by the San Diego police, the crash occurred just after 3:30 a.m. on a local road in Serra Mesa. It is alleged the 20-year-old driver lost control of the van in which he and five passengers were speeding. He allegedly smashed into the sides of two parked vehicles before jumping a curb and crashing through a fence. The van came to a halt when it crashed into a tree. As the van burst into flames, all the occupant tried to flee on foot.

DUI charge follows driver's attempt to outrun officer

Driving while impaired can land any driver in a whole lot of trouble. A 30-year-old California man may confirm that after his arrest in Sonoma County. After allegedly leading an officer on a chase on a recent Monday night, the man is facing not only a DUI charge but also several other charges.

An officer reported seeing the man traveling south in the northbound lanes. The driver then switched into the proper lane after passing through an intersection. The officer claims to have activated the emergency lights and alarm of his patrol car, attempting to get the driver to pull over, but that apparently only caused the man to speed up and race away. The trooper alleges they reached speeds exceeding 80 mph and further claims the suspect ran a red light while traveling at 60 mph.