Ways California drivers can share the road with pedestrians and bikers

California motorists should use the utmost caution when it comes to sharing the road with bikers and pedestrians.

Automobiles are undoubtedly a convenience to have, but they can also pose quite a danger to pedestrians and bikers. California drivers should know how to share the road with others to keep themselves from being involved in accidents and for their general peace of mind. A few good tips and the right frame of mind can go a long way in improving overall safety and driver satisfaction.

Use caution when turning

Drivers have to be especially aware when making turns, even if they are in a neighborhood where they might not normally see bikers or pedestrians. Bikers and pedestrians might travel to new neighborhoods, making it essential for drivers to be wholly aware of their surroundings. Taking a few seconds to make sure the way is clear can prevent a serious accident. Just like with other drivers, bikers who are going straight have the right of way when they encounter drivers who are turning.

Be aware of children

While children might be told to be careful while playing in the street or around cars, that does not mean they will be as diligent as they should be. What is more is that children are not always aware of just how dangerous automobiles can be. For that reason, drivers have to be especially careful when driving in neighborhoods with children. This same caution should be applied when driving behind school buses.

Know that bikers and pedestrians might not be able to hear

Bikers and pedestrians may wear headphones while riding or walking, which means they might not be able to hear a car coming up behind them. Drivers should use extra caution when driving behind or near those on bikes or on foot. Even if a biker or pedestrian is not wearing headphones, ambient street noise can overpower the sound of an approaching vehicle.

Use caution in driveways

After a while, backing out of a driveway seems like second nature. It is this habit that can lead to an accident. Drivers should be sure they perform a thorough scan of what is behind them before backing out into a driveway. Checking the mirrors and rolling the windows down to listen for the sound of children are other good ideas.

Leave distractions at home

Just as drivers can become distracted, the same is true of bikers and pedestrians. When both are distracted, a disaster can become inevitable. Avoiding an accident with someone on foot or on a bike is yet another reason to pay attention to the road.

The above suggestions can go a long way in keeping California drivers conscious and their driving records clear. Anyone involved in an accident with someone not paying attention should be sure to work with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases.